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Dr. Cushing researched and developed his own noninvasive AllerCease™ technique for allergy elimination.

Over a 98% success rate.

Dr. A. I. Cushing D.C.,D.Ch.,C.N.C.,F.S.A.C.  

Introducing: Plasma Pen™

The Plasma Pen™ is the new, go to treatment for skin rejuvenation due to the results being close to what you would expect from plastic surgery but at a fraction of the cost; and, unlike injections or fillers, it has long lasting results with no need for follow up injections or filler treatments. Watch our video or click below to learn about the Plasma Pen™.

Introducing: Migun Therapy Table

Have you been told you have to learn to live with your pain? Are you looking for an alternative to pills, injections or surgery? Watch our video or click below to learn about the Migun Therapy Table.

From the Holistic Medicine Doctor’s Blog:

Fatigue, Why Am I So Tired?

Why am I so tired? This complaint is heard in many doctor's offices, but as common as the question is, there are multiple reasons for fatigue and this symptom should not be ignored. Types of Fatigue When dealing with fatigue, there are common causes that are easier to fix. Patients dealing with transient fatigue may have just returned from an international vacation and are dealing with jet lag and disturbed sleep cycles. This will resolve itself by getting back into an effective sleep hygiene routine. Additionally, getting proper rest, recovery, and paying extra attention to nutrition and hydration during the day should resolve transient fatigue. Cumulative Fatigue is repeated loss of sleep or extended wakefulness. This may be because of outside factors, such as a home with babies and young children. Circadian fatigue is due to a lack of nighttime sleep, shift workers are typically affected by this. Medical Causes…
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Psoriasis – What is it? What you can do!

Affecting approximately 3% of the U.S. adult population, psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and a chronic condition. Psoriasis affects the speed in which skin cells turnover, for example, typical skin cell turnover is about one month. However, in patients with this condition, the skin cell turnover process takes only a few days. This quick skin cell turnover causes the formation of scaly, dry and itchy skin patches. The inflammation accompanying this process causes cracking and bleeding. Unfortunately, psoriasis is a very uncomfortable condition. Types of Psoriasis There are five different types of Psoriasis Plaque - The most common type of Psoriasis and found in 80%-90% of the cases. Inflamed lesions are found on joints and the scalp. Guttate - Commonly found in childhood. Lesions are found on the torso, arms and legs, and are usually pink or violet spots. Spots are rarely raised as in plaque psoriasis. Pustular - Pus-filled…
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