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Dr. Cushing researched and developed his own noninvasive AllerCease™ technique for allergy elimination.

Over a 98% success rate.

Dr. A. I. Cushing D.C.,D.Ch.,C.N.C.,F.S.A.C.  

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From the Holistic Medicine Doctor’s Blog:


What good is genetic testing; how can it help me?

How to work with your individual blueprint - your 'genetics'. We are now able to test genes with a simple salivary sample that is analyzed very carefully; it identifies key genes, and there information is evaluated from areas on each gene; and this may differ from person to person.  These areas are known as SNPs i.e. single nucleotide polymorphism.  The term genotype is used to describe the outcome of your individual genetic tests. The lab looks at genes that are directly related to three major health categories: How you feel. How you function. How you look. You could say that genes load the body rifle, but something else pulls the trigger.  How your genes are expressed are greatly affected by not only your "life style", but by many types of environmental factors such as nutrition, sleep, toxicity levels, exercise and emotional stress.  Not all these factors may be within your…
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Pyroluria – Connected to ADD/ADHD, OCD, Bipolar!

Pyroluria is connected to these syndromes: ADD/ADHD OCD Bipolar Depression Autism Low Motivation Mood imbalances Brain based behavioral issues Schizophrenia Anger management/Rage issues Anxiety Acute shyness Fear of public speaking Sensitivity to light, sound & food textures Substance Abuse MS Parkinson's Crime and delinquency. Studies show percentages for the syndromes above that suffer with Pyroluria: 50% of those with autism. 40% of alcoholics. 70% of schizophrenics. 70% of persons with depression/bipolar. 30% of persons struggling with ADD/ADHD. 80% of chronic Lyme disease patients. Also, it has been found that Pyroluria is not just limited to these conditions above only.  As much as 10% of the population may have this metabolic condition and not even know it.  They may have had life long symptoms associated with it that tend to worsen with age and increased stressors; and, reaching for anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety drugs can often exacerbate their condition. Protracted Stress and…
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