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Dr. Cushing researched and developed his own noninvasive AllerCease™ technique for allergy elimination.

Over a 98% success rate.

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From the Holistic Medicine Doctor’s Blog:

Autism, ADD/ADHD

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and Allergies

I’ve been treating ASD, ADD/ADHD, and allergies for about 40 years.  In that time, I’ve come to the conclusion that many individuals with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities are really just part of the same neurological continuum as autism; and, it is really just a matter of degree and severity in most cases. Many of my ADD/ADHD and autism patients have: similar toxic burdens, abnormal biochemical markers, are deficient in the same nutrients, have similar G.I. Tract disturbances. So, many of the same causal factors are present . Of course, there are some obvious differences too.  For example, some suffer with: pyroluria, MTHFR, low grade infections, central nervous system allergies, cranial-sutural jamming, and spinal subluxations to mention just a few. Most however, seem to have multiple and diverse allergies, intolerance or hyper-sensitivities.  These include allergy-like reactions to: certain foods, food additives, phenolics, salicylates, lectins, EMFs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, medications, vaccine…
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Liver Disease

Fatty Liver Disease

How Common is Fatty Liver Disease Fatty Liver Disease is an extremely common condition.  As many as 1 in 4 people may have it, however many sufferers don't know they have it, because they may never suffer any symptoms.  While it is normal to have a tiny amount of fat in the liver, your liver is considered fatty if more than 5% of your liver consists of fat.  There are different types of Fatty Liver Disease, it is important if you receive a diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease, to know what type you have. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Fatty Liver Disease, that is not caused by the over consumption of alcohol is Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, can be broken into two categories: Simple Fatty Liver Disease - this condition is quite common and causes little inflammation, and generally does not cause scarring of the liver.  Many people…
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