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Dr. Cushing researched and developed his own noninvasive AllerCease™ technique for allergy elimination.

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From the Holistic Medicine Doctor’s Blog:


MTHFR: A Dirty Gene?! What does this all mean? MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) is a gene that sometimes seems to have a defect that can deactivate the MTHFR enzyme which when working properly should convert Folate and Folic Acid into active forms that the body can use.  The current theory is that a so called defective gene can reduce the effectiveness of that important conversion. What are the symptoms of MTHFR? It is important to recognise that many symptom pictures can be associated with many medical conditions, and so it requires an experienced holistic clinician to make an accurate diagnosis and determine if the symptoms are primarily related to MTHFR.  Here is small sampling of some of the possible symptoms: Dementia. Fibromyalgia. Anxiety and depression. Migraines. Miscarriage and pregnancies with neural tube defects. Chronic pain and inflammation. Chronic fatigue. Chemical sensitivity syndrome. Inability of your body to detoxify efficiently. Inability to…
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The Thyroid Dilemma

Thyroid dysfunction now an epidemic in the US! Thyroid dysfunction is, it seems, almost epidemic in the United States, and it can affect every cell, organ, gland, and function in the body. There are at least 24 major patterns of thyroid disease so far discovered. It is always extremely important to accurately diagnose and treat thyroid problems because this condition may lead to a variety of more serious illnesses. The causes of thyroid problems are diverse and numerous; they may include infective foci in the head, such as chronic root canal, mercury amalgam and heavy metal toxification, as well as chronic viral and other microbial infections, auto immune diseases such as Hashimoto’s and Grave’s syndromes. The list of potential stress factors is long. Does significant pathology lurk beneath the surface? Thyroid gland dysfunction is not always accompanied by obvious tell-tale signs such as goiter or bulging eyes or myxedema in…
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