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Physician Grade Supplements
Wholefood Supplements, Homeopathy, Western and Chinese Herbs, Homeopathic Nosodes & Creams, Protomorphogens, Infoceuticals. Read more!
About Dr Cushing
Dr. Cushing has two Doctorate Degrees in holistic medicine and has completed over 250 Post Graduate courses over his 38 years of practice. Read more!
Lab Tests & Analysis
Testing Adrenals, F & M Hormones, Thyroid, Heavy Metals, Parasites, Candida, Bone density, Leaky Gut, Lymes, Autoimmune, CBC Scan. Read more!

Dr. Cushing researched and developed his own noninvasive AllerCease™ technique for allergy elimination.

Over a 98% success rate.

Introducing: Plasma Pen™

The Plasma Pen™ is the new, go to treatment for skin rejuvenation due to the results being close to what you would expect from plastic surgery but at a fraction of the cost; and, unlike injections or fillers, it has long lasting results with no need for follow up injections or filler treatments. Watch our video or click below to learn about the Plasma Pen™.

Introducing: Migun Therapy Table

Have you been told you have to learn to live with your pain? Are you looking for an alternative to pills, injections or surgery? Watch our video or click below to learn about the Migun Therapy Table.

Sauna Services Now Available

From the Holistic Medicine Doctor’s Blog:

Functional Fertility: Things a Conventional Doctor Won’t Tell You

Functional fertility is vastly different from conventional infertility treatments. Contact us now to learn how we can help you! With the introduction of functional medicine, targeting the root causes of pregnancy problems, has become crucial in increasing the effectiveness of treatments and preparing couples for a lifestyle change that is better suited to increase their chances of conception. Before we dive into functional fertility, however, let’s take a look at what infertility is and the solutions provided by our conventional healthcare system. What Is Infertility? Infertility occurs when a couple that has been engaged in regular, unprotected sex, and has been unable to conceive for 12+ months. Infertility can be caused due to problems in the male or female reproductive organs or due to the female’s inability to carry a full-term pregnancy. It can also occur due to a combination of factors, including psychological, nutritional, or lifestyle-related components that lead…
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Heal Your Body With The Bioenergetic Nes Scan

How The Nes Scan And Mihealth Work With more than three decades of research and a flourishing global community of over 5000+ practitioners, NES Health leads the world in bioenergetics.  The NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS) is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the body's energy control system, which we call the body-field. This system allows Dr. Cushing to restore your health with Bioenergetics using three easy steps: Step 1 - Assessment: Placing your hand on this device scans your entire body of wellness points in under 30 seconds. Step 2 - Unblock NES miHealth combines SCENAR (with biofeedback), PEMF, and global scaling with proprietary bio-signals to support the body's energy flow.   Step 3 - Correction The information identified by the scanner that needs correction is supported by NES infoceuticals.  These are taken each day to correct the body's control system and self restoring…
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