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barometric pressure

Barometric Pressure are you Allergic?

Barometric Pressure – hidden hypersensitivities go undetected!

Airline pilot allergic to barometric pressure lost his job

As an example, about 12 years ago, I was treating a commercial airline pilot who carried freight between New York City and Australia.  He told me that he had lost his job because of increasing symptoms of vertigo, disequilibrium and dizziness while in flight.  Naturally, he was examined very thoroughly by the flight surgeon that worked for his company.  Despite extensive testing and referrals to specialty providers, they were unable to determine any organic cause.  Nevertheless they had to let him go for obvious safety reasons.

I asked him to elaborate on what happened in flight.  He said whenever there was a fluctuation with air current changes he would immediately start developing these distressing symptoms.  I speculated  that he was “allergic” to one of the frequencies of barometric pressure.  In an attempt to clarify his problem and possibly help him regain his career, I tested him against the frequency of barometric pressure using a unique neuromuscular reflex technique. Testing for high, low and changes in pressure. He was allergic to the frequency “changes in barometric pressure”  causing an immediate, but totally safe neurological reaction in my office.

I then desensitized him using the AllerCease™ technique just as I would do a pollen or food reaction.

He flew back to Portland, Maine and when he arrived he called me and said, “During this flight I had no symptoms or allergic reaction to barometric pressure whatsoever. ” I saw him one more time.  After that he was able to successfully resume his career as a pilot.  The airline pilot case was one of the most unusual, and obviously the most gratifying to me, as I was able to give him the chance to continue his career as well as relieve him of his symptoms and allergic reaction to barometric pressure.

Weather Conditions cause many symptoms

Over the years, I have tested hundreds of patients that have had similar symptom pictures to the pilot. Also, some patients had additional symptoms including:

  • sinus pain
  • mysterious joint pain and swelling
  • barometric pressure headaches for instance migraine headaches

To name a few of the symptoms associated with atmospheric pressure.  I found that these patients were sensitive to low, high or changes in barometric pressure.  In all these cases, I was able to stop these adverse reactions in either 1 or 2 treatments.  The results seem to last indefinitely.  The treatment is totally non invasive and natural and does not involve needles.

Allergies can cause a multitude of baffling and disabling syndromes.  It is not at all unusual to find that neither the patient nor the treating physician is aware of the hidden hypersensitivities that are often either causing or perpetuating their illness.  Many researchers believe that the medical definition of “allergy” may be too narrowly defined.  Even if a patient doesn’t sneeze or break out in hives with contact to the allergen, the triggering substance can play a major role in chronic disorders and may not be detected with conventional diagnostic methods.

Dr. A. I. Cushing D.C.,D.Ch.,C.N.C.,F.S.A.C.