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Allergies: a Clash of Incompatible Frequencies!

Allergies – We are an Intricate Symphony of Specific Vibratory Frequencies.

To explain why so many millions of people have significant pollen and other environmental allergies or hyper-sensitivities, we must go beyond the currently used medical paradigm in which humans are viewed as an elaborate concoction of chemical processes who always need pharmaceutical intervention when things go awry.

Basically, all allergies are caused by a clash of incompatible frequencies.  At our core, below the atomic level, our physical bodies are made up of an intricate symphony of specific vibratory frequencies.  This is now well know and accepted in modern quantum physics.  Yet this proven concept has not been integrated into the current medical/pharmaceutical model of practice.

Conventional medical science does not know what organizes and directs, or how to repair, that amazing biochemical symphony.  To try to repair it with a synthetic drug is like asking a gorilla to edit a symphony.  The human body energy field is run by the laws of quantum physics and is the conductor of this complex, multi-layered symphonic masterpiece.  The cure or correction must start there.  It’s often not in the best long term interest of patients to focus exclusively on the final effect of bad chemistry.

The Relationship between Allergies and Symptoms

So, how does all this relate to pollen and most other allergens? When a pollen of certain specific frequency penetrates the body’s defenses and is identified as an invader by the immune system, a vibratory storm ensues.  And, depending on which one of the energy meridians (and their sub-channels) is disturbed by this invisible assault, the symptoms will emerge that are unique to that particular meridian.  For example, if the lung meridian is disturbed, then you would have symptoms that relate to respiratory distress, skin allergies and more.

If you have four or five meridians out of balance at the same time due to a pollen reaction, there would be multiple disturbances in the body not just lung and skin related issues.  However, some or many of the other symptoms may not be obvious.  They would fly beneath the conscious level of awareness and could include changes in hormonal secretions, alterations in heart and/or pulse rate, digestive issues, skin rashes/hives, aches and pains anywhere in the body.  However, one would probably just focus on the symptoms of coughing, sneezing, tearing and sinus issues like post nasal drip.

For humans, the impact can be either minor or major; the later in known as anaphylactic shock.  When minor, this incompatible clash of energies can cause skin rashes, hives watery/itching eyes, congestion, stomach pains, gas, arrhythmia, vomiting, swelling, chronic coughing, sneezing, headaches, especially migraines, a change in the alignment of the body, and also emotional reactions like anger and anxiety.

What are the Underlying Causes of Allergies?

There are many causes for allergies/hyper-sensitivities including a genetic predisposition, a lowered immune system, illness, toxins, chemicals, GMO foods and many others.  We can be allergic to absolutely anything including our own organs, glands and tissues.

Many disorders may be driven by an allergic component including digestive, inflammatory, respiratory and skin issues, migraines, arthritis, autism, ADD/ADHD, obesity and insomnia.

AllerCease™: The Complete Answer for Allergies!

To eliminate the symptom picture at the deepest level, it is important to correct all of the involved meridians triggered by pollens and other environmental allergens . And then make all of the adverse environmental frequencies harmonious with and accepted by the body’s energy field and immune system.  This will eliminate the obvious symptom picture at the deepest and most comprehensive level.

AllerCease™ is a proven, bio-energetic allergy technique which is safe, non-invasive (no needles) and rapid acting.  It is based on quantum physics and the known fact that everything on this planet ultimately is pure energy and vibrational frequencies.  It is also known that when two incompatible substances or atoms come in to contact with one another, the result can only cause disharmony or an adverse reaction of some nature.

For testing, AllerCease™ uses a form of specialized kinesiology which pinpoints with laser like accuracy the offending substances, even to the degree of reactivity.   The  AllerCease™ technique uses the body’s own neurological system to test for any substance on the planet including every type of chemical, cloth and fiber, animal hair and dander, even weather conditions, foods, hormones, glands, bacteria, viruses, parasites, candida and micro-organisms.  This is radically more advanced than the normal prick test and blood tests used by the medical profession to try to determine what the patient is allergic to.

The allergic reaction is then swiftly eliminated using a patented light device which neutralizes the allergic reaction to the substance by normalizing all the energy channels as well as the immune and nervous systems.  And, in most cases, this will take just one treatment to eliminate the allergic reactions to the particular substance.   For example, dust, dust mites and dust mite droppings are all effectively desensitized in one office call!

Because the technique balances all the meridians of the body, the patient is asked to abstain from eating, using, or coming into contact with the substance for 25 hours after treatment.  Once the 25 hour period is over, and as long as the patient follows the avoidance instructions, the body no longer reacts inappropriately or produces troubling or disabling symptoms.

In summary, AllerCease™ allows the vital energy of the body to travel in a free-flowing path that was not possible during prior exposures to the allergic substance.  This is the process that allows the body to relearn how to respond appropriately to the particular allergen.  Thus it sends a clear message to the brain that this substance is no longer a threat because it has been made and accepted as part of the patient’s normal energy field.


Dr. A. I. Cushing D.C.,D.Ch.,C.N.C.,F.S.A.C.