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Pain Patients Eliminate Chronic Pain using A Chronic Pain Management Technique

Eliminate your chronic pain and bring lasting relief without pharmaceutical drugs, chiropractic manipulation, supplements, instruments, acupuncture massage, or physical therapy procedures of any kind. Just gentle fingertip pressures using the revolutionary, proven, medically endorsed “pain neutralization and pain elimination grid techniques” formulated by Dr. S. Kaufman, D.C.

These are “hands on” techniques that can heal an astounding variety of stubborn chronic pain syndromes anywhere in the body by resetting little know neurological reflexes. These amazing tepainchniques are virtually unknown in medical schools, and even most chiropractors never heard of them. Yet, they are described in all major anatomy texts!

Read the Testimonials:

However, some of the most educated and cutting edge, advanced practitioners in the world have used and learned these simple ultra-safe techniques.  Here’s what Dr. Joseph Rich, MD board of directors American College of Integrative medicine says:

The day after my treatment, my back and sciatic pain disappeared completely”.

And here’s what Dr. Robert Rowan, MD editor-in-chief of “Second Opinion” newsletter, Santa Rosa, California said:

Here’s a miracle I wouldn’t have believed if I wasn’t there to witness it. ”

He watched his colleagues get treated at a seminar and said:

The majority got rapid reliefeven with very long term chronic problems. It was absolutely incredible! I’ve devoted an issue of my newsletter to his techniques”.

Here’s one more of the many testimonials.   This one by Dr. John R. Baird, M.D. Diplomat, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, former associate professor of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, physiatrist, Louisville, Kentucky:

I’ve had osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacrial and myofascial work and education by the best practitioners on the planet. Yet “Pain Neutralization Technique” is the most effective and rapid method I have ever experienced seen or used on my patients”.

So, if you are tired of the suffering with pain and feel hopeless, there is no reason to despair or give up.

Dr. A. I. Cushing

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