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Why do I have a Stubborn Weight loss problem?

It is not always a simple matter of proper diet and exercise to lose stubborn weight, or popping the right weight loss pill and taking meal replacement shakes.

As a holistic doctor, I will check the following variables:

  1. Low thyroid function.
  2. High cortisol levels.
  3. Blood sugar issues and insulin resistance.
  4. Toxicity; it’s not “if”, it’s “how much”.
  5. Biliary tract congestion/dysfunction.
  6. Food allergies/hypersensitivities.
  7. Reproductive hormone imbalances.
  8. Suppressed emotions, using food for comfort to relieve stress.
  9. Side effects of drugs.
  10. Intestinal dysbiosis/candida.
  11. Intestinal parasites.
  12. Poor dietary habits.
  13. Genetic predisposition.
  14. Low level of digestive enzymes.
  15. Allergic reaction to your own fat cells?

So, I am reluctant to suggest any diet, shake, weight loss pill or program until I have explored the issues above with you.   Otherwise, it can be an exercise in frustration, a waste of your time, your money and energy.

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