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Fibromyalgia Symptoms Resolved Naturally

What is Fibromyalgia?

This syndrome, which affects women more than men, is not a disease. It describes a diverse collection of long term, body-wide fibromyalgia symptoms that are characterized by chronic muscle or soft tissue pain and inflammation, muscle stiffFibromyalgia Symptomsness and usually significant fatigue. The incidence in both men and women increase with age. In women aged 55-64, it has been estimated to affect 8% of this population age group. Most fibromyalgia pain patients indicate that the onset of their illness began with some traumatic event with a severe flu like illness, a car accident, an abortion, a difficult childbirth, surgery or an assault. Sometimes a highly charged, unresolved emotional trauma such as death or divorce is involved.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Some of the common conditions associated with fibromyalgia pain include low thyroid function, adrenal exhaustion low libido, swollen glands, digestive disturbances, “brain fog”, short term memory problems, sleep disturbances, bowel and/or bladder issues, food intolerances, and hypersensitivity to weather changes. Occasionally, we see balance and coordination problems and excess sweating/perspiration for no known reason.

Is Fibromyalgia Real?

Most experts agree that there is no one cause of fibromyalgia pain in most cases but rather that multiple stressors contribute to it.  Many of the medical providers that see patients with fibromyalgia symptoms wrongly conclude that it is a primary psychological issue and either prescribe psychotropic drugs for depression or anxiety, or make a direct referral to a psychiatrist.  Occasionally, they will also try and treat it as a primary sleep disorder.  None of these medical or pharmaceutical approach address the underlying causes.

How does Conventional Medicine Deal with Fibromyalgia Pain

Conventional or standard blood chemistry panels urinalysis, and radiology scans are typically not clinically helpful may be necessary to rule out various pathologies.   The orthodox medical treatment generally consists of anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, exercise therapy, selected physical therapy modalities, and a patient is told to minimize stress. When none of the above work, the next step is usually anti-depressive, anti-anxiety and /or muscle relaxant drugs. And, because sleep is usually disturbed in the condition, sleep drugs are often added to the mix.

The end result of this type of medical approach is at best uncertain although occasionally there will be some symptomatic relief for variable periods. However, many times, I have observed that there is noticeably no real progress or healing, but there takes place a worsening of symptoms as well as the complicating factor of dealing with the inevitable side effects of a multi drug approach. All in all, the standard medical model of treatment leaves a great deal to be desired and often turns out to be an exercise in frustration for both the patient and the prescribing physician.

How I work with Fibromyalgia Pain Patients

With that being said, I have found as a holistic physician, that fibromyalgia symptoms are reversible condition in most cases because we look for and treat causative mechanisms. Here is what can be done:

  1. Eliminate soft tissue contractures, trigger point syndromes and related myo-fascial syndromes when found.
  2. Neutralize scar tissue syndromes that cause referred pain and create functional fields of interference.
  3. Down-regulate inflammatory processes with high potency enzymes and selected nutraceuticals.
  4. Relieve bulging spinal disk syndromes and nerve root irritation with gentle chiropractic procedures and cold laser therapy.
  5. Correct functional hormonal imbalances especially those related to thyroid, adrenal, and hypothalamus.
  6. When needed, we use EFT to deal with your suppressed emotional issues that express themselves as body pain.
  7. Check for and eliminate food and chemical allergies/hypersensitivities with the revolutionary, non-invasive AllerCease™ technique.
  8. Using hair tissue analysis, we check for and correct any heavy metal toxicity and/or mineral ratio imbalances.
  9. Restore mitochondrial function to optimal levels for cellular energy.
  10. Treat liver and/or colon toxicity with proven naturopathic detox methods.
  11. Address chronic low-grade microbial syndromes such as chronic candidiasis and chronic EBV & CMV with great success using homeopathy and selected nutraceuticals.
  12. Perform an in-office bio-magnetic analysis of organs, glands and tissues and correct any magnetic field reversals.

Our center’s holistic approach is comprehensive and multi-factorial with the emphasis on finding and correcting the underlying causative mechanisms and “triggers”. This approach is very successful and gratifying to both the patient and the doctor because it resolves most of the troubling fibromyalgia symptoms.

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