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Unlocking the Riddle to ASD/Autism Holistically


Orthodox medicine freely admits there is no known cure currently for:

  • ASD Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Tourettes
  • CDD
  • PDD
  • OCD
  • MCS
  • Severe cerebral allergies

Does conventional medicine deal with ASD/Autism?

All patients (or their parents) with these syndromes know that conventional medical treatments are only  ameliorative and/or compensatory in nature.  I can attest to the fact that in my 37+ years of clinical practice, I have never seen mainstream medicine able to deal causally with ASD and these devastating disorders. Nevertheless, these are not simple and easy syndromes to deal with, even from an alternative/complementary medical viewpoint.

I have found that, to achieve significant and timely clinical results in speech, cognition, mood, behavior and/or neurological functioning with ASD patients, it was necessary to think far “outside the box.”  I will now outline the most important and successful therapeutic interventions I have used in my private practice over the last three decades or so.

My holistic approach to ASD/Autism

What I offer is based solely on decades of trial and error, close clinical observations, the invaluable work of little known but brilliant researchers and much parental feedback.  I have no doubt that lengthy text books could be written on any of these methods of analysis and treatment for ASD.  The following is a much abbreviated outline of my thoughts and findings and given for informational purposes only.  No treatment should be given without the close supervision of an appropriate, licensed, healthcare provider.

What I have found with my holistic approach to ASD/Autism

I would like to point out that the majority of the categories of these patients have a totally reversed bio-magnetic energy field adversely affecting their brain, central nervous system, and often the endocrine and digestive systems.  These reversed (i.e. south pole) magnetic fields, I believe have their origins in acute and or protracted tissue stress from allergies, drugs, difficult or abnormal child birth, prenatal influences, subluxations, toxins, trauma, vaccinations, viruses etc.  The scientific research underlying this whole issue of bio-magnetic tissue reversal was completed years ago by Dr. Wm. Philpott M.D.,Ph.D, Dr Richard Broeringmeyer, MD, DC, Ph.D., Dr Buryl Payne, MS, Ph.D. and many others.

Briefly, a reversal of the normal (i.e. north pole or negative pole) polarity causes the following changes to take place in the affected tissues in most cases:

  • Less oxygen in the affected body parts including the brain/CNS
  • Acid Ph. in all affected tissues.
  • Significantly slower healing time in the magnetically reversed tissues.
  • Less essential enzyme level activity (primarily the oxidoreductase enzymes) in all affected tissues.
  • Sometimes fluid retention, increased fatty and calcific deposits.
  • Lowered tissue immunity
  • Chronic inflammation.

See Bio-magnetic therapy.

Both the holistic approach to ASD autism analysis and treatment of these little recognized, but vitally important clinical issues is simple, easy, and non-medical in nature.

What can a patient expect on their first visit

The holistic approach to ASD autism analysis is always done at the first office visit because of it’s overriding importance.  Using a specialized, passive, kinesiological exam, we routinely determine if the immune system is reacting inappropriately to any part of the brain, CNS, and/or its biochemistry (such as neurotransmitters).  We often find this phenomenon occurring in these categories of patients.  The reason is unknown or obscure; it may be due to some subtle alteration in the neurons or synapses caused by toxins, heavy metals, viruses, vaccinations or impaired microcirculation.  As a result, the immune system views these aspects of the brain and/or its biochemistry as foreign objects similar to an allergy.  Whatever the reason, we definitely do not want the immune system reacting inappropriately to any part of the brain or C.N.S. in autistic patients.  This “allergic” type phenomenon is, in my experience, rapidly and non-invasively resolved using the AllerceaseTM protocol.

Our holistic screening procedure in ASD autism cases consists of the following:

  • We use neurobiological testing to determine if any foods, additives, chemicals, inhalants, vitamins, drugs, supplements are adversely impacting the brain or G.I tract.  If found, they are quickly treated and neutralized using the AllerceaseTM technique.
  • Since structure determines function in the human body, we carefully check for any signs of cranial misalignment, spinal subluxations, cranial-sacral dysfunction and neurological disorganisation.  These are corrected using an advanced low force therapy that releases the cranial vault globally from functional restrictions and rids the nervous system of any energetic or mechanical obstructions.
  • The entire energy field, at its deepest level, is thoroughly scanned with the revolutionary NES machine.  The NES machine allows us to accurately evaluate all significant weaknesses and distortions in the patient’s energy field.  The advanced NES software then prioritizes and rates the severity of all weakened, compromised, or damaged areas that can directly impact the physical body and its chemistry.  Furthermore, the NES machine checks for the amount of energy available and the body’s ability to efficiently and accurately transfer information.  In fact, more than 150 parameters are checked and evaluated.  After we receive the results, corrections are accomplished with the use of a relatively new class of F.D.A approved remedies called “infoceuticals”.  These remedies bypass the body chemistry and precisely target the weakened areas of the human body’s energy field.  For details, see “Decoding the Human Body Field” by Peter Fraser and Harvey Massey.
  • We utilize organic acid urine testing, stool analysis, hair analysis, and saliva testing, as well as the more familiar blood chemistry scans and panels.  They are not run routinely, but on an ‘as needed’ basis when clinically necessary to clarify a diagnosis.  There are times when we need to rule out candidiasis, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxins, Lyme’s disease, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Isotherapy is used when necessary to detoxify any possible effects from vaccinations or toxic chemicals to unblock the cerebral cortex.
  • Selected botanical remedies, homeopathic, protomorphogens, gemmotherapy and specialized nutraceutacals are also prescribed when needed.

I believe in the best of both Medical and Holistic Approaches to ASD/Autism

The medical & holistic approach to ASD autism treatment of any one of these brain/CNS based syndromes may require any combination of these approaches as well as referrals to specialty therapists such as for sensory integration, hyperacusis etc.  Each patient must be assessed individually for optimal results.  At times, they will require traditional medical care, so I also recommend that you establish a good working relationship with a holistically orientated M.D or D.O. so that you receive the best of both medical approaches.

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