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Can Scar Tissue Cause Pain?

Scar Tissue causes abnormal functioning nervous system which then causes scar tissue pain reflecting in distant parts of the body due to breaks in the body’s electricity field.

Scar tissue pain

Scars break the flow of energy causing pain and inflammation.

Paitient’s often ask this question “can scar tissue cause pain”?.  Research has shown that pathological scar tissue causes scar tissue pain and can create an electric force of up to 1.5 volts against the rest of the body. A scar can create abnormal electrical signaling that disturbs the functioning of the nervous system. A curious finding is that this abnormal signaling often does NOT occur at the site of the scar, but reflexes to a distant site. For example, a scar on the right leg may reflex and cause puzzling pain in the left shoulder (without any pain in the right leg where the scar is).  Any scar can reflex anywhere in the body.

Scars can reflex and create symptoms in distant parts of the body. For example, a woman who has a cesarean section scar from childbirth may periodically experience have digestive problems and low back pain.  If the blocked pathway of her abdominal scar is cleared, these symptoms can dramatically disappear. Another example of a scar creating pain at a distant site is a tooth extraction. The disrupted field in a vacant tooth socket can reflex to an area in the head or neck and can create frequent headaches, a tight neck, and inflamed shoulder muscles.

Why do I have scar tissue pain?

Not all scars present a problem or reflex to other body areas. Our research suggests that the individual’s nutritional status at the time of the injury or trauma is most important. If the person had relatively good nutrition at the time of the injury, typically the scar will heal to the extent that it does not create an interference field.  Furthermore, larger scars are generally more troublesome, but a very small scar can also be highly reactive and create troublesome scar tissue pain symptoms.

Poor Nutrition and Poor Wound Healing

We often find that scars from injuries incurred as a child are not a problem, but scars from injuries later in life can often create major scar tissue pain/interferences. The reserves of youth can often carry one through and help generate adequate healing of the scar area. However, poor nutritional habits and the accumulation of toxins in adults’ bodies prevent rapid healing.

Old Injuries: Breaks in the Body’s Pathways

In addition to scars, other body traumas can weaken the electromagnetic system and create an interference field. For example, a car accident causing a whiplash to the neck may create a weakened, traumatized neck area which may then impede normal functioning of the nervous system. Although no scar is actually present, the trauma can result in deficient nerve flow in and through the neck.

Another example is a football player who was constantly hit in the side or on the legs during tackles.  This can result in traumatized, toughened tissue that can become an interference field, blocking normal electrical impulses. Scarring can reflex to other body areas, such as the lower back or an ankle, and cause scar tissue pain elsewhere in the body. This can still affect the patient, even when the injury was incurred years ago.

Scanning the body for interference fields

An interference field is an area of the body (small or large) that tests abnormally as a result of individual or multiple factors, such as scars, physical or emotional trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies, or heavy metal toxicity. An interference field can impede the normal healthy electromagnetic flow of the body’s acupuncture meridian system, and the Bio-Kinetics Protocol allows us to trace the scar tissue pain to its original root cause.

Examples of Common Interference Fields & Scars

  • Areas where the epidermis of the skin has been cut;
  • Surgical scars or scars from invasive procedures;
  • Mole or skin cancer removal scars;
  • Episiotomy scars, C-section scars, breast implants, tummy tucks, and cosmetic surgery;
  • Shunt scars;
  • Internal scars;
  • Scars that may not be visible: Internal hysterectomy scars, and internal sinus surgery;
  • Exploratory surgery;
  • Hernia repair;
  • Traumatic scars incurred from accidents, falls, and cuts;
  • Puncture areas: from hypodermic injections, intravenous Drug Therapy, spinal blocks;
  • Acne scars, chicken pox scars, animal bites, or bites from mosquitoes or other insects; and
  • Vaccination scars

Traumatized Areas

  • Previous areas of trauma where there are no visible scars;
  • Trauma from car accidents: whiplash, sprains/strains, or smashed areas;
  • Trauma from other sources: falls, athletic sprains, strains, scrapes, or bumping head;
  • Impact sites (i.e. an area previously hit with a fast ball);
  • Burned areas (scars or no scars) or skin graft areas; and
  • Numb areas.

Abnormal Body Areas

  • Areas that look or feel abnormal;
  • Bruises or discolored skin areas that do not heal in a reasonable amount of time;
  • Skin rashes, nail fungus, or sores that do not heal in a reasonable amount of time; and
  • Areas that itch or have abnormal sensations, such as burning, cold, or tingling.

Permanent Tattoos & Body Piercings

  • Permanent tattoos can also be a source of scarring, which can cause pain symptoms in other areas of the body.
  • Body piercing can also be a source of scarring, which can cause pain symptoms in other areas of the body or other symptoms, such as weight gain and indigestion.

Metal Inside the Body

  • Objects such as surgical metal pins, plates, or mesh; bullets or shrapnel fragments; and dental metals (such as silver filings, gold crowns, stainless steel posts, composite fillings, or dental implants) can cause problematic scarring.

How we holistically eliminate scar tissue pain

Fortunately, there is an answer to eliminate the reflexes of old scars that send abnormal signals to other body areas. We use Bio-Kinetics with this treatment, we can systematically clear all abnormal reflexes from scars and other traumatized areas.  This procedure opens up blocked pathways and neutralizes the abnormal electrical signals that may be causing pain, discomfort, or on-going physiological disturbance.

Dr. Cushing has helped heal the following patients who were suffering from pain created by  scar tissue:

  • 30 Year Old Horse Trainer – Metal plate in head after car accident reflexing to head and kidneys to create headaches and fatigue.
  • 45 Year Old Female Housewife – Staples from previous bladder surgery (8 years ago) reflexing to lower back to create constant pain.
  • 60 Year Old Stock Trader – Gold crowns blocking meridian outflow of mouth reflexing to multiple meridians causing weight gain, intestinal gas and sleep disturbances.

Additionally, Dr. Cushing has concluded the following procedures can result in scarring and reflex pain:

  • Dental Injections – Injection sites in the gum areas where dental anesthetics were used.
  • Neural Therapy – Sites where anesthetics (Procaine, carbocaine) were injected into the body.
  • Dental and Gum Area  – Hidden dental decay under silver fillings, composites sites and crowns.

In addition to the Bio-Kinetics™ technique, Dr. Cushing also uses cold laser therapy, bio-magnetics, and selected homeopathic and herbal remedies depending on the size, location, chronicity and severity of the scar tissue and its particular interference pattern.

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