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Eliminate All Your Inhalant Pollen Allergies Today

Pollen Allergies Are At Their Highest In Years!

What causes pollen allergies?

Why are pollen allergies increasing?   The amount of  pollen in the air is not the only cause of allergies, increased chemical/toxin exposure, lowered immune systems, illness and leaky gut syndrome  all contribute to cause  allergies and hay fever (allergic rhinitis.). These conditions often develop out of the blue, or for those who are already allergy sufferers, they may grow increasingly worse.

What causes the immune system to overreact?

Each person is made up of tiny little atoms of energy, each with specific frequencies.  When two separate and different frequencies come into contact in the body, they can either be in harmony or disharmony.  When a person reacts allergically their body develops what is medically known as an antibody to the offending substance. This, in turn, causes the immune system to overreact to the antigens in an attempt to neutralize, eliminate, or destroy them.  This  process can cause a multitude  of symptoms such as:

  • coughing
  • itchy throat & eyes
  • sneezing
  • blocked nasal passages
  • inflammation
  • headaches

which can then develop into sinus infection, polyps, asthma and anxiety, if left untreated.

Different treatments available:

The medical allopathic approach, uses a pinprick detection process, unfortunately, this method covers only a small subset of possible allergens.  Additionally, this method can give false negatives and false positives.  And, because it does not cover everything it may leave you suffering with no idea which pollens are actually causing your symptom picture.  Traditional medical treatment can take up to 3 years with regular visits for shots with little or no success and can produce many unwanted side effects.  Because this medical approach is completely symptom driven and only the surface symptoms are treated, the underlying causes go either undetected or unresolved.

Other treatments involve taking over-the-counter medicines like Claritin, or Zyrtec for example, or a prescription steroid or steroid shot.  Again, this pharmaceutical approach is designed to only treat surface symptoms and not resolve the deeper underlying issues.

Here at the Holistic Doctor of Charlotte, Dr. Cushing has perfected the extensively researched and trademarked AllerCease™  non-invasive technique.  His technique is based on the principles of quantum physics and the science of healing frequencies.  He has successfully eliminated a wide range of allergies on thousands of patients over his 38+ years in practice; the AllerCease™ system is now 98% effective on all types of inhalant allergies.   Testing for an allergy with this technique  is simple, quick and very accurate.  Dr. Cushing uses your own bodies energy field and neuromuscular reflexes to rapidly determine whether you are adversely reacting to a substance or not.  This revolutionary technique is totally non-invasive and requires no shots.  Desensitization is accomplished by making the frequency of the offending substance harmonious with the patients energy field and nervous system, the end result is that your body no longer interprets the substance as a hostile invasion and thus the body no longer reacts producing unwanted symptoms. Therefore the clash of incompatible frequencies is stopped.

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Dr. Cushing can desensitise you to any substance:

Not only can Dr. Cushing desensitize you to Pollen Allergies but he can also test and resolve allergic reactions to:

  • food
  • chemicals
  • hormones
  • barometric pressures
  • weather conditions
  • molds & fungi
  • heavy metals
  • materials
  • plastics
  • heat / humidity / cold
  • drugs
  • supplements
  • your own blood and other bodily secretions
  • even infertility issues in respect to sperm and hormones

Dr. Cushing holds two doctorate degrees in chiropractic and natural healing.  He is the founder and developer of his own allergy elimination technique, AllerCease™.  He has also had great success with animals such as Horses, cats, dogs while practicing in Florida.  Dr. Cushing strives to give all patients maximum value for money by looking for causes rather than just treating symptoms.  He is constantly learning and keeping up to date with the latest cutting edge technology in natural and functional medicine.

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Other clinical services we provide include:

Energy Health and NES whole body scanning and interpretation

Infra red sauna

Migun therapy bed

Holistic migraine management

Low force chiropractic

Hair analysis for toxic metals, mineral imbalances etc…

Chronic disease analysis and natural management

Plasma pen therapy for a variety of skin ading issues performed by licensed esthetician

Skilled Muscle Testing (Clinical Kinesiology)



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