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Erectile Dysfunction a real concern for Men?

Males experiencing erectile dysfunction and any of the following symptoms or conditions should consider testing their hormone levels:

  1. Low libido.
  2. Erectile dysfunction.
  3. Baldness and/or hair thinning.erectile dysfunction
  4. Accumulation of fat around the waist.
  5. Pain, frequency or urgency or interrupted stream when urinating.
  6. Sleep disturbances.
  7. No enthusiasm for life.
  8. Changes in cholesterol i.e. increase of bad cholesterol or decrease in good cholesterol.
  9. Osteoporosis.
  10. Inability to lose weight.

What is included in the test and why?:

  1. DHEA – Is an important precursor for both male and female hormones production and is one of the anti-stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA needs to be carefully monitored to stop any disruption to the delicate balance of male and female hormones.
  2. Androstenedione – is a precursor to both male and female hormones and classified as a weak androgen. However inappropriate dosage in males can cause excessive female hormone production and will minimize male hormone production. In women, unmonitored intake may cause inappropriate body and facial hair stimulation.
  3. Testosterone – Is the major male hormone and is a precursor to the highly potent dihydrotestosterone male hormone. Taken in excess this hormone can cause aggressive behavior, blood vessel hardening high cholesterol levels and prostate problems.
  4. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – Is derived from testosterone and its rate of production is controlled by the level of free active progesterone. It is well known that excessive DHT is a major factor in male baldness and can cause prostate enlargement.
  5. Progesterone – Is normally associated with women, but is equally important to men. Progesterone has a calming effect on the nervous system. Progesterone balances out the production of excessive DHT and estrone and if not monitored professionally, it can easily lead to excessive weight gain, depression and breast enlargement.
  6. Estrone – Is an estrogen and is found in the fat cells of both men and women. In many cases increased fat levels are indicative of high estrone. It is produced from androstenedione, both breast and prostate enlargement have been closely associated with an excess of estrone. Its important in males to maintain a low level of estrone to keep the androgens in balance.
  7. Estradiol – This is the most powerful of the estrogen family. Most of it is formed in the peripheral tissues from both the adrenal and testicular androgens.

Benefit of using Dr. Cushing’s Male Hormone Panel?

  1. Much more affordable than blood or urine tests.
  2. No painful needles.
  3. Much more accurately and clinically reflective of the status of the hormones in your body.
  4. Accurate and comprehensive results allow of a completely customized treatment plan using natural hormone supplements and creams.
  5. Guesswork is minimalized with accurate saliva hormone testing allowing for appropriate amounts of the correct hormone being taken.
  6. Restore well-being, vitality and a passion for life.

Dr. Cushing’s expanded male hormone panel with the additional tests for LH and FSH can accurately identify most common male hormone problems.

Why not get the test done through my MD?

Dr. Cushing saliva hormone panel is far superior to the blood and urine testing carried out through conventional medical methods, because it is able to measure the free active hormone fractions in the tissues as apposed to blood and urine which is unable to.

What is involved in doing this Test?

The patient can do this test in their own time, at home, when it is convenient for them. The patient collects a saliva sample following the instructions that come with the test and then it is mailed directly to the lab.

Once the Test is done what then?

The male Hormone test measures 7 distinct hormones that can be normal, abnormal or ratios outside the expected reference range. If the levels were found to be to high or to low to the reference range then Dr. Cushing will put together a customized treatment plan for the patient to bring the level back into normal balance.

Dr. Cushing uses the Male hormone panel as a clinical blue print to guide him in appropriate supplementation and dosing levels and to monitor patients’ progress throughout the whole treatment program. This maximizes beneficial effects and reduces possible undesirable side effects. Dr. Cushing has well researched supplementation that can be taken by mouth or as a cream to safely improve testosterone levels. Androgen supplementation, where there is a deficit, reduces abdominal fat, improves lean body mass, alertness and produces feelings of wellbeing.

Taking hormones without an appropriate clinical evaluation from an experienced trained profession who can monitor your progress entails risks that are serious and unnecessary. Without the proper clinical guidance and monitoring excessive use of androgens (testosterone, androstenedione, DHEA and testosterone derivatives) have been known to activate subclinical prostatic tumors that are androgen-dependent this is important in older males. It is documented that by the age of 70, at least 50% of men have subclinical prostate cancer.

Do you accept insurance, is this test covered by insurance?

Dr. Cushing does not except insurance and depending on your insurance carrier, it may be possible to claim for your test directly through your insurance carrier. (If you are not sure whether the test would be covered it is always best to first check with your insurance carrier prior to doing the test if you need reimbursement)   If you are claiming and need the diagnosis codes, Dr. Cushing will provide these once the test has been completed and he has a diagnosis on request by you. Please note that Dr. Cushing does not have the staff to deal with the insurance companies everything has to be done through the patient and their insurance company.

All Laboratory tests are paid for at time of visit. There are no refunds of credits once purchased.