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What is Hypnosis?

Some people labor under the misconception that it is the hypnotist with his/her magic powers that bring about the hypnosis state in the client.  This is definitely not the case.  The hypnotist sets the stage, a relaxed but highly alert stage, which quickly facilitates the clients own self-hypnosis.  Ultimately, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Nothing happens without the clients permission; the hypnotist does not and can not control the client despite appearances to the contrary.  This includes the crazy antics that stage hypnotists facilitate in their highly suggestible audiences, who are first screened and selected based on their suggestibility.  The people invited up are typically highly suggestible, uninhibited exhibitionists and want to have some fun.  Whether dealing with stage hypnosis or clinical hypnosis, the client always has the choice as to whether or not they want to implement a suggestion; if they don’t want it, it will be rejected by them.  So again, going into a hypnotic state is entirely up to you, the client.  If the client decides to accept the suggestions, there will be a 100% success rate.

Is Hypnosis Real?

Scientific studies in the last decade or two have proved that hypnosis is real and a distinct state of consciousness, that is totally different from normal waking or sleep.  Thanks to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) scientists can study the state of hypnosis.  During studies using FMRI researchers showed that there are specific changes in the brain during hypnosis, and that there is an increase in activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus.  During research half of the test subjects that were in hypnosis were asked to visualize a certain color, and the other half of the subjects that were not in hypnosis were also asked to visualize the same color.  The subjects that were in hypnosis showed brain activity in the visual cortex part of the brain, the other half not in hypnosis showed no activity in the visual cortex.

What is Quantum Hypnosis

In Quantum Hypnosis, the goal is the same as in traditional hypnosis; to discover the true cause of the client’s issue at the subconscious level.  Experienced hypnotists know the cause is usually related to an unresolved emotional trauma, resulting in a significant emotional blockage well below the level of conscious awareness.  That is why classical psychotherapy is often time consuming and inefficient.

And so, in Quantum Hypnosis we know that there are occasions when it is difficult to sort out the many possible hidden triggers that prevent rapid recovery from past traumas.

We are happy to say this age-old problem that has plagued many hypnotists for so long has finally been solved.  Rosalind Cushing in conjunction with her husband Dr. Arthur Cushing the developer of the AllerCease™ allergy elimination technique have devised a very elegant, quick and easy way to determine exactly what the emotional blockages to recovery are, even though they are unknown to the client.  Knowing that all human emotions are basically just varying frequencies.  These frequencies are used to perform a specific, non-invasive, kinesiological test to accurately identify the exact stuck emotional energy/energies that are effectively blocking the clients recovery to optimal emotional health.  These frequencies when “stuck” in the clients energy field cause recurring and aberrant patterns of reactivity in everyday life, and can cause inappropriate, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviour.  Significantly limiting human potential and creating chaos.

For example, if a client is stuck in the emotional frequency of suppressed anger from some past unresolved highly charged negative event, there will inevitably be some irrational thought processes and behavioural reactions that facilitate easy anger by events or people that would not typically anger the average person.  These people are easy to anger and don’t know why.

Sports & Business

You can unlock your true capabilities and potential with hypnosis.  For instance, in sports you can become the best you possible can be regardless of the nature of the sport.  In business, you can become more efficient, creative and successful.  Hypnosis unlocks the power of the subconscious mind which then can be programmed for higher levels of success.

19 million people suffer from phobias in the US

Hypnosis can be used to improve many different things including correction of self-sabotaging thought processes, and other obstacles which have an adverse effect on us in our daily lives.  Phobias for example are very easily corrected with hypnosis; and, incidentally there are approximately 19 million people suffering with some kind of phobia in the United States.  Often a phobia is connected to a specific incident in the past that triggers the irrational fear response.  In hypnosis, this can be easily identified and corrected.  There are over 100 well defined phobias according to psychologists.

Difficulty getting and maintaining an erection

It is a medical fact that around 5% of men that are 40 years old have complete inability of getting and maintaining an errection, and that number increases to over 15% of men by the age of 70.  Mild and moderate affects approximately 10% of men per 10 years of life (i.e. 50% of men in their 50’s, 60% of men in their 60’s).  If getting and maintaining an errection is not caused by pathological and/or structural abnormalities, then it is normally caused by some emotional issue not obvious at the conscious mind level.  It is easily and rapidly corrected with hypnosis by accessing the subconscious mind and finding the cause and correcting it.  If you would like to try hypnosis for getting and maintaining an errection, it is required by law to have a referral from your MD.

Chronic Diagnosed Pain Syndromes

Hypnosis can be useful to alleviate chronic diagnosed pain syndromes of any sort.  If hypnosis was used to alleviate pain instead of the use of harsh and highly addictive painkillers, we would not have so many addicts and deaths due to these potent and toxic drugs.   Hypnosis has been used by surgeons in hospitals all over the world to reduce the use of general anesthesia, and instead they have been able to either eliminate anesthesia or use a local anesthetic along with hypnosis for control of pain and keeping the patient in a relaxed state during the operation.  Some progressive dentists have been using hypnosis for pain control since the 1960’s.


Hypnosis has been used successfully for pain free childbirth known as hypnobirthing; Kate Middleton from the Royal Family in the UK used hypnobirthing for all three of her births and to control morning sickness.

Strengthen your immune function

Hypnosis can strengthen a person’s immune function.  Quoting “Spiegel”: “Research has found hypnosis can even alter a person’s immune function in ways that offset stress and reduce susceptibility to viral infections”.

What else has Hypnosis been successfully used for?

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcoholism
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Performance anxiety
  • Sleep disorders/insomnia
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Abnormally repeating normal everyday tasks (for instance washing hands)
  • Stage fright & public speaking
  • Loss/Grief
  • Mood disorders
  • Pain control
  • Fear
  • Anger issues
  • Bowel disorders
  • learning ability & Test improvement
  • Overall wellbeing and self image
  • Stuttering
  • Burning mouth

Hypnosis is greatly underestimated

Hypnosis is the missing link in today’s stressful environment and is greatly underestimated.  Hypnosis truly has the potential to transform a person’s life.

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