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About Charlotte Clinic

About Charlotte Clinic


About Charlotte Clinic, 2101 Sardis Rd North, Charlotte, North Carolina 28227, United States (US) - Phone: 704-776-4185

Hotels in Charlotte

For patients traveling to Charlotte that need to stay in the area, there are many excellent hotel choices and bed and breakfasts.  For a visitor information pack, call the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce at: 704-378-1300.

Dr. Cushing

Dr. Cushing is a holistic doctor and has been practicing the art of holistic healing for over 37 years.  He successfully manages: Autoimmune, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia Weight loss, IBS, & Chronic Pain Syndromes; he is well known for his ability to get to the cause of many medically puzzling and unresolvable health issues.  His philosophy is that every effort must be made to find the actual causes of a patients symptom picture before treatment begins.  And then he uses homeopathic and other natural therapies to resolve the symptoms.

Charlotte: The Queen City

charlottefallCharlotte has been referred to as “the International gateway to the South”.  It is the largest and most accessible city between Washington D.C. and Dallas, Texas.  It has Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the 14th largest airport in the nation and is the national hub of US Airways.  Whether you are looking for art, music, theater, dining, shopping, nature or family fun, Charlotte has it all in spades.

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