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The most recognized and common symptoms of allergic reaction are:allergic reaction

  • post-nasal drip.
  • sneezing
  • red or watery eyes
  • hives, asthma
  • sinus congestion
  • chronic ear infections
  • hay fever

An allergy can manifest in many other ways and affect a wide variety of organs and tissues in the body. For example, an allergy to calcium can materialize as a failure to grow, or can emerge later in life as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, kidney stones, and bone spurs.

Some Common Causes of Allergic Reactions and Hypersensitivity

Allergic reactions and hypersensitivities have many different causes:

AllerCease™  Founded and Developed by Dr. Arthur Cushing as an alternative therapy to eliminate allergic reactions

No Drugs, Shots, Needles or Supplementation

Dr. Cushing developed, tested, and perfected a clinically safe and effective method of detecting and correcting allergic reactions and hypersensitivities of all types. This ingenious method, the AllerCease™ technique, has  been tested on thousands of patients and is carried out without the use of drugs, shots, or needles.   Using this revolutionary technique, a patient can now be desensitized to virtually anything, including:

  • food allergy
  • hypersensitivity to sunlight
  • perfumes
  • chemicals of all sorts
  • environmental allergies
  • plants
  • animals
  • antibiotics
  • vaccinations
  • metals
  • and even their own body chemicals, hormones, neurotransmitters

Equally important to remember is that patients with chronic conditions frequently have many fundamental nutrient allergies.  If someone has an allergic reaction to a vitamin or a mineral (and the associated food sources)evidently it implies that the body is unable to use the nutrient correctly.  The substance is processed by the body as a toxin. Meanwhile, this leads to a deficiency of the allergan; and, in some cases, this may contribute to immune weakness.  Simply Ingesting vitamin and mineral supplements when there is an underlying allergy to them usually causes more harm than good. However, the AllerCease™ method has resolved patients of their basic nutritional allergies, as a result, not only are patients able to take vitamin/mineral supplementation to their benefit, these supplements are finally serving to replenish the deficiencies created by the allergy.

We Test for Hundreds of Allergens

During your visit to our office your basic core nutritional factors are carefully checked. At the same time, a wide range of other foods, chemicals and biological items are rapidly tested using the human nerve reflex as an ultra sensitive bio-detector.

How we test

Dr. Cushing quickly performs  a specialized neuro-reflex test.  The patient holds a small glass vial containing the allergic substance.  A muscular component immediately loses significant strength or contracts visibly,  If the patient is sensitive to the substance. This very temporary loss of muscular integrity, or contracture, is a positive and infallible sign of allergic incompatibility.  Different from conventional allergy tests, there are no false positive or negative findings confusing the issue.

Vibrational Light Energy

The AllerCease™ neutralizer is a healing device that emits a specialized ‘Chi’-like, vibrational energy using colored light frequencies as carrier waves; however, this is not a laser.   The neutralizer has the capacity to normalize the entire energy field of a patient’s body, including all acupuncture meridians and their sub-channels, in less than 5 minutes.

The AllerCease™ neutralizer plays an important role in Dr. Cushing’s highly successful allergic reaction and hypersensitivity desensitization procedure.  Another key point is that it is so safe that it is routinely used  on infants and young children with no side effects.  The very fine vibrational frequency emitted by this device easily penetrates even heavy clothing so patients do not have to disrobe for treatment.

This Technique Eliminates Your Allergic Reaction

The end result is that the specific vibrational frequency of the allergic substance is made to harmonize with and become a part of the optimal normal bio-field of the patient. Furthermore, during this process, the patient is never directly exposed to any harmful substance. After this corrective treatment, the patient must avoid significant contact with the allergen for 25 hours. This allows the energy to circulate through each of the 12 major meridians and their sub-channels that regulate all the bodily processes. This 25 hour avoidance strategy effectively “locks in” the treatment and reprograms the body to react normally to future contact with the offending substance.

Why AllerCease™ works

During this treatment the vital energy of the body (the “Chi”) to travel in a free flowing path that was not possible during prior exposures to the allergic substance. Consequently, this process allows the body to relearn how to respond appropriately to the particular allergen.  Finally sending a clear message to the brain that this substance is no longer a threat because it is now part of the patient’s energy field. Each of the twelve major acupuncture meridians has a peak activity period of approximately two hours out of the day. It is to accommodate the healing of each of these meridians that avoidance is maintained for the full 25 hours.  If the allergy has returned (which is a rare occurrence), it is most often due to the patient’s premature exposure to the offending substance (food, pollen or chemical) before the full 25 hour period has passed.

AllerCease™ and it’s 98% Successful Clinical Results

Since  the introduction of this technique to our practice, the unprecedented clinical results have been an ongoing source of satisfaction and relief to the thousands of patients we have treated. We routinely correct allergies to pollen, perfumes, viruses, hormones, and a myriad of other substances. Accomplishing this efficiently, effectively, and in most cases, permanently. Our success rate in correcting most allergies and hypersensitivities is well over 98%.

Once allergic reactions are corrected, we frequently discover that many previously resistant chronic conditions the patient had suffered with resolve with surprising speed. Disorders such as:

  • asthma
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • colitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • learning and behavioral problems
  • chronic viral conditions
  • a wide variety of autoimmune diseases have responded very quickly to the treatment of the underlying allergens

The first thing to remember is that once the patient has been desensitized, and their meridians and nerve pathways completely cleared, deep healing finally takes place in many of these difficult and often so-called “incurable” cases.  Resulting in significant stress removed from the adrenals, liver, stomach, intestines, and respiratory tract.

Hidden Allergic Reactions and Hypersensitivity Perpetuate Many Illnesses

Certainly many allergy researchers believe the concept of “allergy” is too narrowly and arbitrarily defined.  Even without  breaking  out in hives with contact to the allergen a patient as a result of contact with the triggering substance may eventually develop chronic disorders. Thus, as can be seen, traditional methods of diagnosis and correction are frequently incomplete and inefficient.

Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation with Dr. Cushing

Experience has taught us how to most effectively test for and remove any energy blockages creating an inappropriate, adverse allergic reaction.  If you or you friends or families have allergic problems, we look forward to being of genuine service and substantial help. Please feel free to contact us about your condition. There is a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Cushing, and he is always happy to take the necessary time to discuss your health issue with you.

Testimonials from satisfied patients:

I originally came to Dr. Cushing for an obvious allergy to milk. Now after desensitizing, I eat two large bowls of cereal (with milk) every morning, and I can drink a glass of milk problem-free.” -Dr. Marsh, MD, PhD

Before I started working with Dr. Cushing I was unable to eat many basic foods. Over a period of 6 months I was able to eat a full variety with no side effects from allergies. Also, the desensitization of viruses, bacteria and candida greatly benefited my health and immune system.” – Linda B.

I never realized how much my allergies were actually affecting my life,   now I am able to eat foods without any problems. I can work with animals without sneezing and coughing. Best of all, I can enjoy the summer and fall outdoor activities and no need to carry Kleenex. The allergy desensitization was very simple” – Suzanne W., DVM

Amazed. It was amazing how simple it was to free me of my allergies. I highly recommend Dr. Cushing’s services.” – Tim M.

Where do I begin? Your wisdom, caring attitude and thorough treatment for my food sensitivities have been a Godsend and lifesaver. THANK YOU Dr. Cushing. – Kathleen G.

Chronic Colitis. I had chronic colitis causing numerous food allergies.  When I came to you I was allergic to many different foods which caused severe gastrointestinal problems.  Thanks to you I can eat almost anything without symptoms and I can enjoy my life again. I also appreciate your kindly manner, patience and genuine interest and the extra help you gave me regarding my insomnia, your recommendations for diet and supplements also have been a great benefit to me”.  – Barbara S. RN.,BSN.,MA.

These are just a few of our testimonials please visit our page for more testimonials.

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