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Revolutionary Pain Neutralization Technique 

The Pain Neutralization Technique, practiced by Dr. Arthur Cushing  manages your chronic pain  and brings lasting relief without:

  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • chiropractic manipulation
  • supplements
  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • or physical therapy procedures of any kind

Dr. Cushing is a trained practitioner of the Pain Neutralization Technique, a non-pharmacological, non-invasive technique for pain neutralization developed by Dr. Steven Kaufman, DC, LAc.

How Does the Pain Neutralization Technique Work?

The Pain Neutralization Technique does not use needles, mechanical force or painful trigger-point activation, rather it  involves gentle tissue manipulation to “turn off” the nerve-based reflexes that perpetuate trigger points and muscle pain.  The Pain Neutralization Technique is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Often, patients experience permanent relief from chronic pain, which they may have dealt with for decades, in only a few treatments.   

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