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We use premier FDA approved Labs;Fotolia_32361635_Subscription_Monthly_XXL

We Test using saliva, stool, urine & blood.  We test for Chronic Fatigue – Adrenals, Autoimmune syndromes, Parasites, Pathogens, Viruses, Candida overgrowth, Heavy Metals, Minerals, Bone density & Leaky Gut.

Saliva, Stool & Urine tests, you take home with you and prepare at your convenience, and once you have completed the test you will send directly to our partner labs.   For blood tests you are able to use a lab or your choice to have the blood drawn.  Once all tests have been completed by the lab, your results will be faxed to us and we will contact you to set up an appointment.   Please read about the unique tests we provide below.

Dr. Cushing will also look at any of your own Doctor’s blood tests, MRI’s, Scans and X-rays to give you his holistic view point and recommendations.  These need to be either faxed emailed or mailed to us before your appointment, or brought in with you.

Diagnos-Tech Lab. Inc.

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Premier lab. using saliva, stool and urine to test for Female and Male Hormones, Bone Density, Adrenal, Candida, Parasites, Fungus, Worms and Bacterial Pathogens.

Adrenal Stress Index
Bone Health
Female Hormone
Male Hormone
Menopausal Hormone

Analytical Research Lab. Inc.


Scientific high-tech hair mineral analysis.

Hair mineral analysis

Genova Diagnostics Lab:



A global leader in functional lab testing:

Leaky Gut



Measures biomarkers relative to HPA-T axis functions

Great Plains Lab:


In depth testing for biochemical causes in ADD/ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and brain based syndromes.

DNA Weight loss Testing


In depth DNA testing.  This DNA test will produce an extensive report summarizing:

  • How you can lose weight based on your DNA.
  • What nutrients you need more of.
  • The best type of exercise for weight loss.

You will get a detailed diet plan based on your individual DNA test results to help you achieve your goal.


Pyroluria Testing


This Test is for patients who are suffering from:


A very simple and inexpensive test using blood and urine is carried out to find out whether a patient has Pyroluria.  This test is available through some of the more holistic doctors who have been through the specialized training in diagnosing and treating this condition.  The test consists of a two parts, urine and blood; the urine is collected by the patient at home and sent over night to a specialized lab, and the blood is taken by a preferred lab and also sent to the specialized lab handling the urine test.

Once diagnosed it can be alleviated using simple nutrients.

Blood Chemistry Testing

Dr. Cushing uses a company to source the most inexpensive blood testing at wholesale rates which cover any type of blood test that a patient would need.  Even if patients have their own insurance, we often get these tests done for less than their copays.

Dr. Cushing tests from a functional medicine view-point, where most MD’s test to see if you are out of their pharmaceutical driven ranges.  We are all individual and what is in range for one patient is not necessarily in range for another.  Most MD’s are not taught to look for the cause of your symptoms, only how to treat the symptom picture with a toxic drug, this can sometimes make your symptoms worse.    When Dr. Cushing puts together a blood test for his patient he will test for many things outside of the medical box to get to the causes.

This is why, when you have been to your doctor and completed their narrowly focused blood tests, (that only the insurance carriers will cover you for), and you were told everything is in range and they have assured you there is nothing to worry about.  But, you still have symptoms.  You have to ask yourself why!  You need to consider seeing a functional medicine doctor to investigate this further and from their perspective of being healthy and staying healthy, not from the medical view which is based on pharmaceutical intervention and taking out the offending organ.

Micronutrient testing.

MTHFR  Testing for Genetic defects.