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Why do we need supplements anyway?

Here are the 5 major reasons:

  1. Depleted soils due to lack of crop rotation mineral content becomes significantly depleted.
  2. Long transit time for food deliveries.  Some foods are picked weeks or even months before they end up on the grocery store shelves.  Most are rarely picked when they are fully ripe, and so rarely contain the maximum nutritional value.
  3. Overcooking our foods results in a massive loss of nutritional value with much reduced vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals.
  4. Not eating regularly and well-balanced meals.
  5. Digestive issues due to disease, inflammation, food allergies, or aging.

Why use Whole food Supplements?

Most isolated and/or synthetic vitamin and mineral fragments are not easily assimilated and are flushed out of the body.  The difference between whole food supplements or nutritionally dense phytonutrients and pharmaceutical grade, isolated nutrients is the difference between organic brown rice and denatured white rice, or between fresh organic orange juice and an ascorbic acid tablet.

In summary concentrated whole food supplements are the elite of nutraceuticals and provide superior nutrition and clinical healing effects.  Not all supplements companies however are trustworthy; and with all the products available today you may not be sure where to buy tested whole food, phytonutrient supplements.  I suggest you rely on our researched, doctor tested brands only, that have a long track record of integrity and high quality and reliably produce good clinical results.

The real benefits for you are:

  1. They help heal your organs, glands and tissues by supplying the missing dietary nutrients in a whole, easily assimilated form.
  2. Taking these types of supplements can greatly increase your energy and natural immunity.