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What is Bio-Kinetics?

nervous system

Bio-Kinetics™ is an invaluable diagnostic tool to scan the nervous system. This tool allows Dr. Cushing to scan the body for interference fields and other weaknesses. A complete system of patient care Bio-Kinetics™ is utilized to not only find weak links, but to also effectively correct weak links. These weaknesses are caused by physical injuries, organ malfunctions, spinal subluxations, and other disorders.

The main benefits of Bio-Kinetics™ are:

  • Restoring optimum function to glands and organs
  • improves neuromuscular functions.
  • Corrects and improves spinal problems.
  • Reduces healing time from injuries, reduces the pain and swelling from sprains, strains, muscle pulls, disc problems, severe bruising, and dislocations.
  • Eliminates many allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  • Eliminates the effect of negative feelings such as fears, phobias, guilt, anxieties, depression, hostility, anger, and resentment.
  • Balances the body’s own energy field to successfully adapt to damaging environmental and electro-magnetic frequencies, thus allowing for optimal adaptation to magnetic and other potentially harmful frequencies.

What is the science behind Bio-Kinetics™

Bio-Kinetics™ is a series of procedures used to locate and eliminate neuroreceptor dysfunction caused by injuries, emotional trauma, chemical insults, and electromagnetic disruptions in the body.

Bio-Kinetics™ is a highly sophisticated, but safe technique that positively influences the main control room of the nervous center – your brain’s thalamus, hypothalamus, cortex, medulla, and upper brain centers. This system allows a me to easily locate and clear any interference field thus restoring the balance within your nervous system.

Damage to muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs may result in the production of scar tissue. Essentially, scar tissue serves as an interference, blocking the nervous system’s ability to send and receive important messages to and from your brain.

How Does Bio-Kinetics™ Work?

Bio-Kinetics™ uses an FDA-approved tool that indirectly stimulates specific areas of the brain. This specially designed and completely non-invasive instrument delivers a very low force stimulus to a precise location at the back of the head. It is done without electricity, magnetism, needles, massage, or any type of manipulation, and it is completely painless. Bio-Kinetics™ is a major breakthrough relieving pain and other symptoms without any trauma or risk to the patient.

Can Bio-Kinetics™ be used on everyone?

Bio-Kinetics™ has been safely and effectively used worldwide on tens of thousands of patients of all ages.

How Successful is Bio-Kinetics™?

Dr. Cushing is a master of Bio-Kinetics™ and uses it successfully in his own clinic. Using Bio-Kinetics™ Dr. Cushing has treated a myriad of complex syndromes, including chronic pain, hypo and hyper functioning glands, digestive disorders and brain based syndromes such as ADD and ADHD.  Please contact us so we can discuss your individual case because Bio-Kinetics™ has many different clinical applications.

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