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NES is based on a revolutionary understanding of the human body and its operating principles that are governed by the laws of quantum physics. NES research strongly suggests that the human body-field (HBF) has structure and consists of magnetic vectors that are able to direct sub-atomic particles within your body. This allows for the control of molecular reactions above and beyond that of traditional biochemical systems. Peter Frazer’s research at NES has enabled the HBF to be divided into its constituent sub-field systems. The instrument used in NES has the ability to scan the entire HBF and its many subsystems in a matter of seconds non-invasively.

The NES total wellness system is designed to read, communicate with, analyze, and correct specific areas of the energy field of the body that impact directly the biochemistry, glands, organs and system of the body.  It is the “missing link” in medicine because it goes directly to the distorted or deficient energetic root of the problem or disorder.   Traditional medicine and naturopathy for the most part concentrate on treating the final effects of the disease or disorder.  A strong case can be made for going to the energetic roots of disease and handling it on that level as well as the physical.  The technology and remedies have all been well tested and are now available for clinical use regardless of the named disorder.  The remedies used to precisely correct the energy field or any of its subsystems are called “INFOCEUTICALS”.  These are specially formulated, FDA approved, liquid remedies that bypass the biochemistry when ingested and go directly to that portion of the energy field requiring repair or support.

Dr. Cushing is a highly skilled certified NES health practitioner with many year of clinical experience. If you have a health problem that has not responded satisfactorily to medicine or nutrition or naturopathic methods, it may now be time to consider healing and strengthening the energy fields that control the body and its complex biochemistry.

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