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Bio-Magnetics helps many Pain Syndromes including Scar Tissue Pain?

What is Bio-Magnetics

Bio-magnetic therapy has been used very successfully historically to relieve many brain based disorders especially those involving the nervous, circulacompass rose and magnetic needletory, endocrinological, and dermatological systems of the body.  It has also been effective in aiding many pain syndromes including post scar tissue and even some types of cancerous growths.  There are several different theories on how it accomplishes all this.  Extensive medical and scientific research suggests strongly that many chronic disorders are greatly aided by restoring the normal North pole magnetic polarity to the affected or injured area.  This is conveniently accomplished at home in most cases using strong therapeutic grade magnets of the right size, shape & most important gauss.

Bio-Magnetics Successfully Alleviates Brain Based Syndromes

In our clinic, we have successfully used bio-magnetic therapy to correct or greatly alleviate:

  • Severe head pain.
  • Migraines
  • Stains & Sprains
  • Abdominal pains and syndromes.
  • Post surgical scar tissue pain.
  • A wide variety of neurological disorders such as:
    • MS.
    • Tourette’s syndrome.
    • Autism.
    • ADD/ADHD.
    • Epilepsy and others.
  • Chronic sinusitis.
  • Brain based emotions disorders such as:
    • Anxiety
    • depression
    • OCD, etc.

I use proven protocols most of which were intensively research by Dr. W. Philpott, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. A. I. Cushing.

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