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Targeted Vibrational Release Therapy

Targeted Vibrational Release Therapy is now available in our office. This innovative therapy using high-frequency/low amplitude vibration addresses aches and pains in addition to muscular tension. This newest therapy is the next step in musculoskeletal health.

Better Movement Ahead

By combining high frequency/low amplitude vibration, targeted vibrational release therapy addresses pain and improves movement by enhancing soft tissue flexibility and range of motion in the joints.

Vibrational Therapy Vs. Percussive Therapy

Percussive devices frequently used for muscle recovery and soreness are often uncomfortable for frail patients, and for those with very sensitive or inflamed tissue. This is due to the striking force of the tool. These percussive devices are not intended for use over joints, bony regions and sensitive tissues. Unlike other modalities, including dry needling and cupping, vibration therapy offers a more comfortable, non-invasive patient experience.

Targeted Vibrational Release Therapy and Low – Force Chiropractic

Dr. Cushing uses isolation tests to determine what need to be adjusted. Then using the Activator to deliver several quick taps to the desired joint. There is no cracking with these adjustments, the risk of accidental injury is greatly reduced, and treatments are more effective. These extremely precise, targeted adjustments are designed to specifically care for just the right areas without putting undue stress on the rest of your body.

 Low-force techniques are also safer for patients with degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, for which chiropractic manipulation is typically contraindicated. Using targeted vibrational therapy along with low force chiropractic techniques encourages holistic musculoskeletal health and well being.

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